Star Trek Collectibles

It is accurate to say that Star Trek fans are willing to put their money where their mouth is to purchase Star Trek collectibles. Read below to find out how much some of the most expensive  Star Trek collectibles went for at auction.

The most expensive Star Trek collectibles ever sold at auction

The most expensive Star Trek collectible that was ever sold in auction was the command chair and platform. This was from the original series and is probably the main reason somebody was willing to pay a grand total of £283,070. This collectible was sold in 2002.

star trek collectible

The next two expensive collectibles from the Star Trek series include Spock’s season 2 and 3 tunics. The season 3 tunic sold in 2003 for approximately £96,200 and the season2 tunic sold a lot later in 2012 for a little less at £88,980.

To startle you when you walk into the room, somebody purchased the one and only Balok puppet head from the original series.  This collectible was sold in June 2010 and for an astonishing £62,880.

Another original series item that was sold includes the Klingon Battle Cruiser model. This was sold for about £58,370 in March 2006.

A range of Kirks outfit was then sold at auction including the tunic and pants as well the hero phaser pistol. The tunic and trousers were from the original Star Trek series and sold for £58,180 in 2016. The hero phaser pistol was used by Kirk in Star Trek II and sold for £44,800 in 2001.